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The East Way

Inspired and Legendary Hospitality

Hokkaido, and particularly its eastern region, is considered
a special place in Japan. This includes the forests and lakes where many local legends originate as well as the wild life that call this natural haven home. Here, whales and dolphins also swim gracefully in the Okhotsk Sea where drift ice floats in the winter. Hokkaido boasts a history where the many nations of the north including the Jomon, Okhotsk and Ainu peoples lived. There are countless unique stories of history and natural wonders waiting to be discovered in Hokkaido, considered a paradise 10,000 years in the making.

We have never forgotten the fact that we were born and raised in such an extraordinary and special place. And, we have never forgotten our respect for the history, culture, people, and natural environments that are native to this land.

Our respect and recognition for Hokkaido is illustrated in the elegant wood carvings completed by master Ainu artisans that appoint our lobbies, interior designs that follow the traditional patterns seen in the Uilta and Ainu cultures, masterful cuisine created using only the freshest locally grown ingredients and enjoyable activities, such as bird watching, that allow our guests to get in touch with the land.
The Tsuruga Group would like to bring its guests an unforgettable experience that is unique to the local region and provides an unparalleled level of hospitality unmatched anywhere in the world.

The East Way 1Listening to the Forest

Akan Tsuruga Bessou

This scent was felt 1000 years ago
This warmth was known 3000 years ago
This tranquility was heard 5000 years ago

In the nurturing forest
All human senses are reawakened
And all the memories programmed in our DNA
Are triggered

Walking into the forest means returning to the forest
Returning to our primitive roots, where our heart calls home

At HINA NO ZA situated next to Lake Akan
I smelled the scent,
Felt the warmth, and
Heard the tranquility

Upon entering the hotel's front foyer, the atmosphere almost makes you want to say “I'm home.” The calm surface of Lake Akan glitters in front of the hotel, whose wooden ceilings combined with thick pillars and beams representative of a mountain lodge together bring back a sense of nostalgia. In Japanese hina means home in the mountains, or hometown. Akan Tsuruga Bessou HINA NO ZA is a secluded hotel for the sophisticated, where attention is paid to every detail in delivering a down-home, superior quality environment for relaxation. The hotel has a total of 25 rooms, each of which was built with a unique flavor and character. Each room features a private open-air hot spring tub. In addition, guests can enjoy soaking in the natural hot springs and letting the stress from a long trip melt away at Sekishitsu-no-yu, a common bath area on the top floor offering a spectacular panoramic view, open-air tubs, and hot stone spa (ganbanyoku). Guests can enjoy traditional Japanese kaiseki-style cuisine in their own private table booth at the hotel restaurant Hina. Meals feature a selection of the finest local ingredients from eastern Hokkaido, including fresh Japanese huchen from Lake Akan, and Masunosuke (king salmon) from Rausu.

Akan National Park / Lake Akan Hot SpringsAkan Tsuruga Bessou

Akanko-onsen 2-8-1, Akan, Kushiro, Hokkaido
Tel. +81-154-67-5500 Fax. +81-154-67-3321 Check-in / Check-out: 14:00 / 11:00
Hot spring type: Simple spring (all bath tubs contain fresh running spring water directly from the source)
Total number of guest rooms: 25 / accommodates up to 159 persons

The East Way 2Listening to the Spirits

Akan Yuku no Sato

Are they married?
Are they dating?
Nestled upon each other in playfulness
The two Japanese cranes

This large, exquisite bird
For the Ainu people
It is worshiped as Sarorun Kamui, deity of the wetlands
For ancient Chinese people
It has become a legend as a 1000 year old bird

Akan Yuku no Sato looks out to the forest and lake of Akan
Ponder upon the interaction between birds and humans
That has been repeated over the millennia

At the entrance lobby, guests are welcomed to the hotel by the two large Japanese red-crowned cranes with spreading wings created by master sculptor Masamitsu Takiguchi. The Japanese crane revered as Sarorun Kamui (deity of the wetlands), whose name the Tsuruga Group has borrowed, is also considered a symbol of the hotel group. The first hotel in our group Akan Yuku no Sato TSURUGA specializes in the diverse hot spring experiences it offers. The Japanese-inspired common bathing area on the 1st floor has seven different bath types as well as an open-air bath tub in a garden setting situated on almost the same height as the water level of Lake Akan. From the 8th floor, guests can enjoy magnificent views of Lake Akan while relaxing in either the panorama or open-air bath. After unwinding in a relaxing soak in the hot springs, guests can enjoy fine dining at the main dining room“ Tenga”. Indulge to your hearts content in a buffet featuring a wide selection of foods created using the freshest ingredients from throughout Hokkaido and the Akan area.

Akan National Park / Lake Akan Hot SpringsLake Tsuruga Resort Spa

Akanko-onsen 4-6-10, Akan, Kushiro, Hokkaido
Tel. +81-154-67-4000 Fax. +81-154-67-2574
Check-in / Check-out: 14:00 / 11:00
Hot spring type: Simple spring / Sodium
bicarbonate spring
Total number of guest rooms: 233 /
accommodates up to 1,090 persons

The East Way 3Listening to the Wind

Lake Abashiri Tsuruga Resort

Ask the wind,
Where are you from?
It says
10,000 years ago
From the Okhotsk Sea
Through the downriver segments of the Amur River
Came the drift ice
Came the whales
Later followed by humans

By Lake Abashiri
We are on top of a hill under the northern sky
Perhaps we are now connecting to the spirit of All those travelers from the north
Over the hundreds of centuries

What is this lounge? The Okhotsk people migrated to Hokkaido around the 7th century and suddenly disappeared thereafter. The interior design of the lounge is inspired by the pit-dwellings where the allusive Okhotsk people once lived and thrived. The wall is decorated with whale barbells. The Okhotsk Sea off the coast of Abashiri was once a migration route used by whales. HOKUTEN NO OKA Lake Abashiri Tsuruga Resort features an Okhotsk culture theme, as the area is where this culture was recorded. The hotel staff is dressed in uniform with traditional Uilta patterns. Guests can change out of their travel clothes to take advantage of the open-air bath or hot stone spa, followed by fine dining. Guests may dine in an open-concept, buffet style restaurant, where each dish is thoughtfully prepared for an elegant presentation and taste, or at the hotel's French restaurant which features a large selection of wine, with 2,000 bottles in stock. At either dining location, guests are treated with the freshest, seasonal seafood harvested from the Okhotsk Sea.

Abashiri Quasi-National Park / Abashiri LakesideHOKUTEN NO OKAM
Lake Abashiri Tsuruga Resort

159, Yobito, Abashiri, Hokkaido
Tel. +81-152-48-3211 Fax. +81-152-48-3220
Check-in / Check-out: 14:00 / 11:00
Spring type: Simple alkaline hot spring
Total number of guest rooms: 80 /
accommodates up to 394 persons

The East Way 4Listening to
the Clouds

Lake Kussharo Natural Auberge SoRa

Is that cloud
Floating in the air, or
Is it floating in the lake?

On the cobalt blue lake surface
Reflected is the blue summer sky
If one stares into it hard enough
The blue might penetrate and fill the entire body

By the world's largest caldera lake
Lake Kussharo
I am soaking up the blessing of the sun
At a hotel known as SoRa

Lake Kussharo Natural Auberge SoRa is located a short walk from Lake Kussharo, the largest caldera lake in Japan. The hotel is proudly situated on a 16.3 acre plot of land. The classic Hokkaido scenery of expansive open areas with large green grassy areas and limitless blue skies makes guests want to stretch out their arms in caring embrace. The country-style log house that blends in with the natural surroundings has a fully glassed side that faces the garden, a thoughtful design allowing guests dining in the restaurant to enjoy the panoramic views. Cuisine is designed following the concept of a healthy French style, which uses select, quality seafood and meat grown in eastern Hokkaido, and locally grown fresh vegetables. The restaurant is also open to visitors for lunch and dinner.

Akan National Park / Kussharo LakesideLake Kussharo Natural Auberge SoRa

Kussharo 269, Teshikaga, Kawakami-gun, Hokkaido
Tel. +81-15-484-2538 Fax. +81-15-484-2539
Check-in/Check-out: 15:00/10:00
Total number of guest rooms: 2 / accommodates up to
12 persons (Japanese only)

The East Way 5Listening to the Water

Lake Shikotsu Tsuruga Resort Spa

70% of the Earth is covered in water
70% of the human body is also comprised of water
Is this a coincidence? Or is this something meant to be?
Water has infinite forms, it can be line, a circle
And freely adopts any shape or form

Water flows wherever life is found
Life thrives where water flows
By Lake Shikotsu in Hokkaido
The babbling song that water sings can be heard

Can you hear the sound of wind and water playfully interacting in the open welcome lounge? Located only one hour by car from the large bustling city of 1.9 million Sapporo, a world of tranquility can be found next to the peaceful Lake Shikotsu National Park. The healing power of water is a theme taken on by Lake Shikotsu Tsuruga Resort Spa MIZU NO UTA. Here, a wide variety of health and beauty oriented services include hot springs, spa, fitness, walking, dining, and relaxing sleep. After indulging in an open-air bath, spa, or aromatic sauna, guests can replenish their energy with a hearty, healthy meal prepared from locally grown organic vegetables and fresh seafood. Guests can also visit the drink bar for a healthy beverage to help detoxify their body. Let MIZU NO UTA rescue you from the outside world of the hustle bustle to an extraordinarily fresh, stress-free environment.

Shikotu-Toya National Park / Lake Shikotu Hot SpringsLake Shikotsu Tsuruga Resort Spa

Shikotsuko-onsen, Chitose, Hokkaido
Tel. +81-123-25-2211 Fax. +81-123-25-2532
Check-in / Check-out: 14:00 / 11:00
Spring type: Sodium bicarbonate spring
Total number of guest rooms: 53 /
accommodates up to 246 persons