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Welcome to a 10,000 Year Old ParadiseListen to the Wilderness of Nature

The memories of Hokkaido's ancient past live on in the stillness of nature.
Here, visitors will find themselves exploring rather than just looking, led by an unspoken force.
While the forests and lakes play the starring role, you are but a visitor, a wonderer.
People, just like the flowers, birds, insects, and all life are alike. That is, they are all part of the natural existence created by the Kamui (deities).
However, this notion of being but a single part of a great nature represents a wonderful discovery in to itself.

As far back as 10,000 year ago, the eastern part of Hokkaido was already a paradise on Earth.
The Okhotsk Sea was teaming with sea life, the forest flourished with fruits of trees and wild animals,while the rivers called home to great numbers of salmon and trout which swam upstream to spawn at their birthplace.
Our ancestors lived here by hunting and gathering only the foods needed to sustain life.
They were always aware of their appreciation and indebtedness to nature's bounty.

French artist Eugene Henri Paul Gauguin who painted pictures of Tahiti, considered the paradise of the south, gave one of his works a rather elongated title:Where Do We Come From?What Are We?Where Are We Going?When journeying through a natural paradise, any one would probably ask these same questions.

A visit to Hokkaido transcends the time and space of its 10,000 year history. A visit to this truly magnificent land offers a chance at self-discovery and awakening.