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A Time of Relaxation
For the Body and Soul

There is perhaps no other nation on earth that enjoys hot springs as much as the Japanese. Above all, open-air baths offer the ultimate indulgence in hot spring bathing. Leave your body up to the healing power of naturally gushing spring waters and feel the embrace of the natural surroundings. Nothing gets any better than this. Open yourself up to the forest and lake that clearly reflect the unique colors of each of the four seasons. Gaze at blooming flowers in the spring, enjoy a cool retreat in the summer, savor the autumn foliage, and marvel at the winter wonderland. There are always ample reasons to visit the hot springs, whether you are alone, a couple, or traveling with close friends. From common bath areas featuring a wide mix of water types to private, in-room open air tubs, the Tsuruga Group offers a variety of ways for guests to enjoy the wonder of Japan's natural hot springs.

Enjoy the colors and hot springs of the four seasons in the privacy of your own room

In recent years, guest rooms with private open-air baths have become ever more popular. Following this trend, Tsuruga Group hotels have developed a number of stylish guest rooms that feature private open-air baths that enable guests to enjoy the natural surroundings and seasonal scenery of Hokkaido from the comfort of their very own relaxing hot spring tub.

Gardenesque open-air bath Rokusen no Yu at Akan Yuku no Sato TSURUGA