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Memories of a Trip Are Always Recalled by the Taste Buds

After a walk in the deep, trackless forest, you take a sip of spring water you saw seeping out of the rocks that you scooped up in the palm of your hand. The flavor proved to be something you would never forget, more so than any vintage wine you had ever tasted. It is perhaps the ultimate delicacy available only in that place at that time. The same principle applies to food. The best way of treating someone is to provide the ingredients available only in that particular place and at that specific time, we believe. For example, Hokkai shrimp and Botan shrimp (spotted prawn) from Odaitou, horsehair crab and red king crab from Abashiri, Yezo Sika deer meat and Wagyu beef from Akan region, seasonal vegetables, diary products and countless foods from both mountains and the sea. Hokkaido is renowned around the world as a treasure trove of food ingredients. We hope to bring to you dishes featuring the freshest local ingredients artfully prepared by master chefs in traditional Japanese settings, as creative French cuisine, or buffet styles that guests will truly savor and enjoy.

Feast on Wa
(Japanese) Cuisin

Traditional Japanese multi-course dinners are highlighted by the chef’s dedication to each and every dish culminated in a thoughtful preparation of locally grown, seasonal ingredients. Enjoy the local flavor that truly embodies Hokkaido in this Japanese style dining setting.

Feast on Wa (Japanese) Cuisin

Offering a Wide Selection of Wines that Complement Hokkaido’s Fresh Local Produce

We welcome guests to try either one of the fine wines carefully selected by the sommelier of each hotel, a local-brewed rice wine, or fresh wine from the cellar.

Offering a Wide Selection of Wines that Complement Hokkaido’s Fresh Local Produc
Buffet Style

Buffet Style

We offer the freshest seasonal ingredients from Hokkaido in various styles, from Japanese to Western and Chinese, as well as desserts that satisfy a multitude of palates. From our open kitchen, we present a wide variety of delicious and healthy food items for guests to savor.

French Cuisine

Enjoy the fresh catch and produce from Hokkaido’s sea and land in the form of creative French-Japanese fusion cuisine that blends delicate tastes perfectly with a hint of boldness.

French Cuisine